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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Bionic Six
Looking for any cel, want one real bad!! Will Give Kidney
Captain N
Any cel from this Nintendo games based series!! High
I'd love any cel from this show Will Give Kidney
Dungeons and Dragons
Any cel from this series is a welcome addition to my collection!! High
Fushigi no Kuni no Alice
A.k.a. Alice in Wonderland, any cel from this series is welcome!! Will Give Kidney
G.I. Joe
I'll pay top notch for a cel of Cobra Commander!!. I'm only looking for cels of him. Will Give Kidney
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
this is one of my alltime favorites!! I'm desperately looking for a cel of this series, would pay a huge amount for any cel of this series!! Will Give Kidney
Allong with Jayce, Transformers and Visionaries my favorite show!! I have been looking for a cel of this series for years, I have given up all hope. Can anyone help me ?? This would be the jewel of my collection!! Will Give Kidney
Oz no Mahôtsukai
A.k.a. The Wizard of Oz, let me know if you have ever seen a cel of this series!! Will Give Kidney
Spoon Oba-san
A.k.a. Madam Pepperpot. Never seen a cel, but again, would love to have one. High
The Littles
Any cel would do! Will Give Kidney
Again, a great series of which I'd like to have just one good cel of Lion-O or another character. Again, I'll pay very good!! Will Give Kidney
Any Generation 1 Transformers cel is very, very, very welcome. And I pay extremely good!! I'm only looking for one good cel, preferably of Megatron or Optimus, but an other character would do fine as well. Will Give Kidney
This seris is soooo great!! Lot of people have never heard of it which is a shame. If anyone has a cel of this show or knows of a place where I could get it, I really really want a cel from this show, please help!! Will Give Kidney

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